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Course map

You'll find here map and description of every hole.


Welcome pack

Start playing golf! We will rent golf clubs for your first month.



Explore pricelist of our course, academy and memberships.


Live Camera

See what's happenig right now on the course.


For companies

Corporate Tournaments

At Lisia Polana we organize around 40 tournaments yearly.

Our tournaments are diversed. We organize any type of event including events for begginers and top lovel players as well.

Fell invited to organize your own corporate event.This is a great way to get new clients and keep contact with your current ones.


Organize conference, workshop or present a new product.

Every year we organize plenty of conferences, business meetings and workshops.

Beautiful golf course close to the nature, wonderful sport and other attractions make Lisia Polana a very special place.

Workshops, conferences or event on the golf course is unique and your guests will remeber it for a long time.


Corporate Events

Golf and business are perfect match. It's a fact. Worldwide golf is frequently used in business relations. Lisia Polana Golf Course will help you to get new clients and build stable business relationships. Golf Course is great place to present your brand as prestigious and Pole golfowe Lisia Polana wychodzi naprzeciw temu zapotrzebowaniu pomagając w zdobyciu nowych lojalnych klientów, budowaniu i pielęgnowaniu trwałych relacji biznesowych, czy kreowaniu wizerunku firmy lub marki. Golf to także znakomita platforma do prowadzenia integracji oraz team buildingu wśród pracowników firmy. Może być dobrym i atrakcyjnym motywatorem dla jednostek oraz całych zespołów ludzi.


Welcome to the Club

Kapitan Klubu Lisia Polana

Wojciech Marciniak

My name is Wojciech Marciniak and I am the Lisia Polana Golf Club Captain. I would like to come and


Kapitan Klubu Lisia Polana Anna Zabłocka

Anna Zabłocka

Our golf course is beautifully harmonised with Mazovian landscape. You can not only enjoy your game


Marcin Bogusz- kapitan juniorów na Lisiej Polanie

Marcin Bogusz

I chose Lisia Polana Golf Club because I realised that this will be the perfect place for development


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22 794 32 05

Lisia Polana

Pomocnia 9

woj. Mazowieckie

05-180 Pomiechówek

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