Zachód nad Lisią Polaną

Golf Course

Pole golfowe Lisia Polana pod Warszawą.

Lisia Polana

Lisia Polana is a masterclass golf course harmonized with landscapes of north Mazovia. 18 picturesque holes will be a perfect adventure for both beginners and advanced golfers. Our golf course is player friendly. It has wide open fairways and interestingly designed greens. It will be a pleasure for golfers of every skill level.

Apart from golf course you will find here also one of the biggest driving ranges in Poland with areas where you can practice your strokes from grass. We have also putting and chipping greens and shelter that will let you practice in all weather conditions.


Golf Course consists of two loops. First nine holes loop counter clockwise encircling the property. As a result golfers have out of bounds on the right hand side on majority of first nine holes. Second nine lies inside having more water in play. Very important factor at Lisia Polana is the wind. The most common direction is west, which makes some holes “much longer”, and some other especially selected par 5s more reachable. The huge benefit of the open space is comfortable summer without annoying insects. The course was seeded with several species of grasses well defining fairways, roughs and far roughs. Majority of greens are angulated ensuing a lot of action on final strokes.

Lisia Polana dołki 15 i 12

COurse map

Explore the map of our course. You will find here useful tips how to play every hole.





Take part in our tournaments!

We organize around 40 tournaments every year.

Any kind of golfer from weekend player to competing amateur will find something for herself.

Beginners can discover the beauty of competition and improve their skills playing in our Beginners League. Best players can compete to become Club Champion after winning Fox Open - our most important event.

We can guarantee best atmosphere, sportsmanship and emotions that will be remembered for long.

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