5 Great Reasons To Visit Us

There are at least 5 reasons to get on a plane and visit Lisia Polana Golf Club!

1. Great Golf Course and Training Facility

Our golf course is great place to spend few days and enjoy our beloved sport. 18 holes nicely routed with beautiful Mazovian landscapes. Not very long nor hilly, walkable course is great for maybe more than a one round per day! Before or after the round you can practice your golf skills at our training facility. Driving Range where you can practice playing from grass and two large training greens are at your disposal whole day long.

2. Great Restaurant

Our restaurant is definitely a place where our golfers love to spend time. Great food is always the best ending of a nice round of golf. You can choose from many traditional polish dishes or go for something universal like ribs or club sandwich. The dish you must try are our polish pierogi, which are commonly described as “golfers favorite dumplings”. We give you 100% guarantee of satisfation because our Restaurant was voted 3 times Best Golf Restaurant in Poland in Polish Golf Awards!

3. Fast connection

Lisia Polana Golf Club is located 30 km north from Poland Capital — Warsaw. We are only 15 minutes drive from Warsaw-Modlin  Airport. You can easily get to us from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and many other European cities.

Everyday there are many flights, so you can reach us easily. Check the connections on Google Flights HERE.

4. Chance to visit Warsaw

When you stay at Lisia Polana it is great idea to vistit capital of Poland — Warsaw.

Our capital is great place to dring, dine and have fun. You can discover our nice Old Town or explore Warsaw dining offer.  There are also many great museums to visit like: Chopin Museum, Polish Jews Museum or Warsaw Upraising Museum. Definitely Warsaw is one of the fastest developing cities in Europe, so you must see it, when you visit our golf course.

5. Great prices with our stay&play packages

Do you need another reason to visit our club? There you have it! We offer great prices for stay&play starting from 200 euro for 3 days of unlimited golf and hotel. You can find details and other accommodation options here.


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