Golf Academy


Mike O’Brien

Mike O'Brien is our  Head Pro! Mike has been teaching golf for over 25 years; for 14 years he has been a coach of the Polish national


Arkadiusz Rutkowski

Arkadiusz Rutkowski

His adventure with golf began in 1998 as a caddy, and shortly after golf became his passion. In years 2005 - 2007 caddied for best player



Golf Camps

We organize every year golf camps for golfers.

Adults can start adventure with golf or develop their skills at higher level. Accommodation in our hotel makes this a special offer. All you have to do is enroll and start playing golf.

We also organize camps for children. Every year during summer vacation more than 60 boys and girls improve their golf skills under the watchful eye of our fully qualified golf pros.


Green Card Course

We offer you an complete golf course for beginners, which will help you make your first steps in beautiful game of golf.

Proponujemy kompletny program nauki gry w golfa, który gwarantuje szybkie opanowanie podstawowych umiejętności i wiedzy a w dalszej kolejności zapewnia przystąpienie do egzaminu na Zieloną Kartę – dokumentu uprawniającego do gry na większości pól golfowych na świecie.

Kurs na Zieloną Kartę można zrobić indywidulanie lub grupowo.


Junior club

We invite every child after 7 to join our golf academy.

Every weekend groups learn under watchful eye of our pros. Children are grouped according to their skills from absolute beginners to advanced.

First goal for every kid is to get green card. Later they can take part in Polish Golf Union Junior Tour and develop further skills. The lessons are consistent with National Junior Development Program of PGU.

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