Konferencje biznesowe na polu golfowym Lisia Polana


Golf and Business

Golf and business are complementary. In western world golf is used by corporations for years. Now you have a chance to use it as your business tool also in Poland. Lisia Polan Golf Course will like to help you get new loyal clients and strengthen relations thanks to our beautiful game. Golf is also perfect solution for integration and team building in your company. It can boast motivation and spur creativity.

You will find bellow bunch of ready ideas which can be used by your company during event at Lisia Polana.

Lisia Polana idealne miejsce na spotkania biznesowe
Konferencje biznesowe na polu golfowym Lisia Polana

Business Meetings

1. Short integration event

We offer few hours long meeting at championship golf course for your employees. We can arrange golf academy and short competition, which will help you to discover leaders and will reveal natural abilities of every member of your team. In our clubhouse you will find two conference rooms with full presentation equipment and restaurant with delicious meals.

2. Integration event with acommodation

Perfect idea for a short integration outside Warsaw. Whole team together. Beginning of the first day will start with golf academy followed by professional training. The whole evening can be devoted to integration and chat among the employees. Next morning starts with breakfast and second day of golf. You can play short tournament to enjoy emotions and competition on championship course. Perfect idea for an integration of your team!

3. Team building

Do you want to get to know your employees better? Do you want them to know each other? Maybe you want to spur their creativity and cooperation?

Our golf course has team building program that is proved to be successful and will help you realize team’s strengths and weaknesses. Group work and quests will demand out of the box thinking which is always a good ability.


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